Privacy Policy

This privacy policy was created by Catchup to demonstrate our commitment to privacy and to inform you about our policies and procedures regarding collection, use and disclosure of personal and non-personal information through the site, applications, widgets or online services owned or controlled by Catchup, hereby known as the “Service”.

By using the Catchup and accepting the Terms of Service, you also agree to this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to this Privacy Policy, you must not use the Service.


Catchup collects your personal information when you register and use the Service. We may collect the following types of personal information for any additional purposes set out in this Privacy Policy:

  • Name, email address, phone number, physical address, and sometimes financial information, such as bank account numbers.
  • Personal information you provide through correspondence, messaging, chats, or shared by you on the Service or from other social applications, services or websites.
  • Personal information we ask you to provide to verify your identity, address and location if need be.
  • Information from your interaction with the Service, including, but not limited to sessions, cookies, usage statistics, traffic to and from the Service, geo-location information, device and internet connection information.
  • We may combine both the personal and non-personal information we collect in any form. When we do, we will treat the information as if it where your personal information if the data may be used to identify or locate you.
  • We will use the information we collect from you and other users to improve and update the Service.
  • We may send you an activation email to verify your account as well as other notification emails to notify you of various operations and activities performed by you or other users of the Service.
  • We may also use the contact information we collect to contact you about promotions, product announcements, newsletters, updates and other marketing or commercial e-mails. You can opt out of receiving these email communications at any time by emailing us to have your contact information removed from our mailing list.
  • We will not rent or sell your personal information to other entities or non-affiliated companies for marketing purposes or otherwise without your permission.
  • We will not share any of your personally identifiable or transactional information with any persons or entities without your explicit consent, however, we may use and share your non-personal information for our marketing purposes.
  • We may disclose your personal information in response to legal requirements, or in accordance with any applicable laws and regulations.

Currently we assign cookies to the users of the Service in order to identify and remember them on subsequent visits, to enhance your experience and also to save your preferences. We may also store your activity in cookies which may be used by third party vendors, including Google, to serve ads based on your behavior on the Service.
Accessing most of the Service is entirely dependent on accepting cookies.


You can access and update your personal information through the Service. You are also responsible for maintaining the accuracy of your personal information. However, if you believe that the personal information we have about you is incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate, you can update it yourself if possible, or you may request for us to update it. There might be cases where you might not be allowed to access the personal information we hold. In such cases you will get a proper notification on the reasons for refusal.


You can delete your account at any time by formally requesting for an account deletion via email to At your request, your account will be deactivated and deleted, and you will no longer be able to use the Service. However, some certain information about you might actively persist on the Service as required by law and/or administrative purposes.


Catchup may update this privacy policy at any time and any changes will be effective upon posting. However, if any changes will affect the way we treat your personal information, you will be notified via email or through the Service. We will also continue to use your personal information in a manner consistent with the privacy policy in effect at the time you provided the information, unless you consent to any new or revised policy.

This privacy policy was last updated on 24th September, 2022.